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The Large Number 12s

"They are larger than life..."

"You just gotta see this band...."

"...the best pub band ever, anywhere."

"...feet-off-the-floor stage attack is an exhilarating invitation to dance"

Once upon a time a late night pizza bar in Bendigo did not have a Large Number 12. After taunting and haranguing from certain drunken youths, the late night pizza bar created a large number 12 pizza. Years later a band was formed in Bendigo and its creator named it the Large Number 12s. The band leader moved to Melbourne to pursue the delights and depravity of the city, some Larges came with him some stayed in Bendigo.

The Large Number Twelves sometimes worked and sometimes broke up, sometimes enjoyed praise and sometimes scorn. Sometimes real music is ignored sometimes not. In the early 90s the leader of the Large Number 12s decided to re-form the band with a rhythm section from a covers band he was working in.

The bass player was to be the 17th bass player the Large Number 12s had used, the leader thought he may have found the one he was looking for. The drummer was Melbourne rock and punk pedigree, he was loud, he was soft, the leader was happy.

All this time the leader’s brother stuck by him in a sibling belief and love for vocal harmony. The Large Number 12s played covers and snuck in originals, people listened. In the early 2000s a guitarist asked to sit in with the Larges on Sunday nights if he wasn’t touring. The songs got stronger, the band got tougher, the music and passion never faltered.

One Sunday night an Adelaide record producer heard the band and stated he would record them in the pub. Six months later he showed up with a recording studio in the back of his truck and recorded the album “Every Sunday”.

The Large Number 12s don’t care if it’s 20 people or 1000 people the songs get played with the belief they were written with. Other musicians love the Largers because they are still making great rock, great melodies, great rhythms and great noise.

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